Meet the family

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This is the love of my life. We met about 30 years ago and have been married for 20. Farai is one of the most loving, hard working man I know. He also loves God and loves to worship. He is also one of the most giving person I know. Farai is an accountant and helps me to keep track of everything. I am the carefree one and he is the proceed with caution one. He loves to spend time with the kids and teaches them all they need to know.

This me, Mapipi. I am a full time house executive, mother to many, wife to Farai. I love to cook, read and a real kitchen.

This is our first miracle baby. He is a 2008 baby. He is one little boy who does not like being called little. He is very close to his dad. Faritle is the one who is very cuddly in the family. He loves cuddles and he is always coming to give me a kiss on my cheek for no apparent reason. He is the one who would say,”I love you mummy”and know it is coming form his heart.He is also a surprisingly very good listener, surprisingly cause he also easily gets very distracted. Sometimes you would think he did not understand what you just told him and he would surprise you by giving you the correct answer. Faritle is also very protective of his brother and the bond between the two is unmistakable.

And this is our second miracle, our assurance from God never to doubt him. He is full of energy, very daring, always doing one daring stunt after another. He keeps all of us on our toes. He laughs a lot too, picking on everyone knowing that he would most probably get away with it. He is also mummy’s boy who cuddles only with mum. (mostly anywhere)Nesu is full of energy but is able to sit still and watch Cars 1/2 to the end. He loves Cars and his favourite character is the rust truck, Mater. He is such a fun loving little soul and is willing to give me a kiss once in a while. He also adores his brother and a huge hug and kiss is always readily available between the two of them.